Buy Gel Mattresses

Given the amount of time we spend in our beds at night, it is imperative that we pick our mattresses extra carefully. After all, we’ll be bonding with the mattress for 7 or more hours every night, year after year. When the mattress is of good quality, sleep time will be enjoyable. Not so when you have a mattress of inferior quality. Gel mattresses are among the more comfortable types of mattresses in the market. In Canada, you will find them in major mattress stores across the country. Get yourself a gel mattress and enjoy sleeping better for longer. You’ll also wake up fresh and rejuvenated, without the soreness associated with poor quality mattresses.

To make the gel mattress, memory foam is infused with gel to give it a a coolant effect. This is because on its own, memory foam tends to retain heat and can be uncomfortable to sleep in. When gel isĀ  added to it, the mattress attains cooling properties which are crucial in creating a conducive environment for sleep. The mattress conforms to the shape of your body, ensuring that weight is uniformly distributed without pressure on the joints. As a result, you will not experience pain on pressure points upon waking up. Gel mattresses have tenacity and strength and will not sink when you lie on them. When you get up, the mattress goes back to its original shape a d can last up to 7 years or more without wearing out. Like other mattresses, gel mattresses come in a range of sizes and thickness. Feel the mattress for firmness and test it out by lying on it for a few minutes before buying. If it feels comfortable and doesn’t sink in any area, you can safely buy it. It’s good to try out a couple of mattresses before settling for one so you can effectively compare how each feels against the others.

Numerous stores in Canada offer a variety of good quality gel mattresses. Through its Ashley Sleep mattress manufacturing arm, Ashley Furniture Industries offers a complete collection of gel mattresses in Canada. Their mattresses are made in high tech facilities using the latest technology for excellent results. Another place where you can buy a quality gel mattress is Sleep Country. They carry numerous brands of gel mattresses, among them Sealy, Simmons, EuroTop, and Kingsdown in full, queen and king sizes. Serta also offers a range of gel mattresses featuring the outstanding Cool Action Gel Memory Foam from Serta. You can find their collection in Serta stores and authorized Serta dealers across the country. Walmart, Costco, JYSK and IKEA also carry a variety of gel mattresses from Spa Sensations, Novaform, King Koil, Serta, Europedic, Cooldream, Tranquil, SleepWell, Green First, Velour and Sealy among other brands.

Buy a gel mattress from any of the leading mattress stores in Canada to enjoy better sleep, comfort and support while you sleep. There are plenty of good brands to choose from, available in all bed sizes and different thickness levels.